Timo Zimmermann

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Keeping the Christmas tradition alive - last workout in the gym before Christmas. "Frosty the Swoleman" and "all I want for Christmas are gainz" were also there. Like every year since 2018 :D
There are weeks when I always show up with an seasonal hat on video calls. Lightens the mood :)
Temporary battle station while on vacation. The Moft Sit-stand Laptop Desk is pretty neat :)
As I am giving a more talks and trainings in near future it is time to make sure my video looks nice. The Brio 4k is okay-ish, but even with the stock lens the M50 is just so much better - as expected to be honest. Now to make sure everything works before handing my wife the company credit card and letting her loose in a photography store. Also knocking on wood she will set the whole camera up considering I got no idea what I am doing.
Time for a cold storage upgrade, disks should arrive soon (2 Seagate, 2 WD). Going for 30TB usable space which should last till somewhen mid next year. Hosting things in-house and syncing all online data you can get your hands on accumulates quite a bit of data.
I have full confidence our neighbours are forgiving people.
Had a bad day and only did some active recovery. Nova decided push ups are hard and she had to help me.
AirTags are a game changer. I could easily find the chocolate bar I placed next to it on the living room table. If you ever forget where you placed your sweet treat AirTags are clearly the way to go! Kidding aside, setup was two clicks, locating the tag was precise and quick, the sound is loud enough to get an idea where the tag is when you are close enough - I would say roughly within a 10m range. Now to actually play around with it and see if it is worth getting a few more.
Easter brunch at my parents place. Had a nice walk with Nova to their place and now waiting for Jean who didn’t want to get up early or walk or join the first two rounds of food
I still remember the first PC I used with a top of the line 120MB spinning hard disk drive. The Samsung might not be top of the line anymore, but thinking about how far we got is still pretty impressive :)
My wife is helping the neighbours kid to build his first computer. They are growing up so fast. Not the boy, my wife. I remember showing her the first time how to replace memory and from there she started building her own systems with less help every time (mostly „I cannot unplug the stupid cable!“) :)
Started snowing again and Nova really enjoys it :)